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        深圳市鑫佳鑫電子有限公司核心產品有:XJX COF(熱塑光學膜)、COF貼合設備;裸眼3D貼合解決方案、OCR、增光棱鏡膠、網格壓印膠、微型喇叭UV膠、熱熔結構膠,印刷壓印膠、有機硅膠、無溶劑披覆膠等。


        Shenzhen Xinjiaxin Electronics Co., Ltd. is an integrator focusing on material technology and equipment research and development. It has extensive cooperation with advanced technology, material and equipment manufacturers around the world and aims to create complete solutions. In 2011, essential progress of electronic optical film was achieved through cooperation with a Taiwan-based high-tech material enterprise (thermoplastic optical film) and the technology was thus applied. It’s mainly used in the fields of laminating of touch control display and optical lense.

        Shenzhen Xinjiaxin Electronics Co., Ltd. is engaged in business of such key products as: XJX COF (thermoplastic optical film), COF laminating equipment; naked eye 3D laminating solution, OCR, adhesive for light intensified prism, adhesive for mesh imprinting, UV glue for micro speaker, hot melt adhesive, adhesive for printed imprinting, silicone and solvent-free coated adhesive.

        Shenzhen Xinjiaxin Electronics Co., Ltd. will closely follow the development trend of international optical touch screen industry based on the spirit of “making unremitting progress and keeping pace with the times”, commit to continuous introduction and absorption of advanced international technologies, as well as provide superior products and high-quality services for the industry.